Caribou Hunting

The wide open barrens of Newfoundland’s south coast are a vast area covering hundreds of square miles riddled with big game Caribou from the Atlantic Ocean in the south all the way up to the Gaff Topsails. In some areas the land is rolling, nearly treeless tundra (except for the valleys) covered with moss and lichen. This is the last great wilderness frontier of Newfoundland and this is home to the Woodland Caribou.

In Newfoundland experience the only place in the world where you can big game hunt for Woodland Caribou. These majestic animals with their dominant, thick, white manes and their filled-in antler displays are a truly unique in their species.

We are confident our world class Caribou hunt will provide the experience of a lifetime. The island of Newfoundland boasts many Woodland Caribou so call today for a memorable Caribou Hunt in Newfoundland!